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I've got part of me left, somewhere, everywhere.
Imma villager, imma Vang.
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7th-Oct-2019 09:44 pm - 70% Friends Only

Partially locked.

19th-Nov-2012 06:52 pm - 越南 I - DAY 3
Vietnam Sept 2012 -384

Decided to post 2 entries so I can clear the backlog >.<

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8th-Nov-2012 11:19 pm - I'm such a wimp

I try not to think about it.. I've put down my pride but you just have to do it.. I'm not sure if it's on purpose. but if it is, you've won.


21st-Oct-2012 09:15 pm - 越南 - Day 1
Alright, here comes the journey of Vietnam - Hanoi. 

I shall skip all the pre-departure and breakfast pics. This time round, it's finally in a clean and proper Terminal 2. Don't have to feel like some cheapos taking Jetstar/Tiger :/

When we arrived at Hanoi Airport, it was kinda shocking cuz you'd never imagined it to be an airport. No aircon, not many travellers, the arrival belt was kinda quiet with some passengers waiting to pick up their luggages, including us. The next unfortunate thing that happened was that our arranged hotel transfer was not in sight! Guessed that he might have left since our flight was delayed for a 2 good hours due to spoilt wheels :O Hence, the street-smart us just book another cab and got our butts into our Hotel - Church Boutique Hotel. We didn't check in though.. because we would be taking the sleeper-train to Lao Cai train station that night.

Thereafter, we decided to busk in the mid-autume-festival atmosphere at the nearby streets.. And, this is what greeted us :) Crazy traffic with motorists and, street-sellers trying to predict the motorists' winding route to avoid being hit in the knee. 

The touristy Dong Xuan market that does wholesale selling. They had all those lampshade-shaped lanterns lining up!
Vietnam Sept 2012 -007

As the day pass by, we just couldn't find any seemingly "edible" food to fill our stomach :X
So, we just anyhow whack.

It was really warm and the hungry stomach made it worse.
Vietnam Sept 2012 -020

Chee Cheong Fun wrapped with meat bites, Vietnam-styled yo.
Vietnam Sept 2012 -021

When everyone were shopping for lanterns and such, the sky poured and that's a cute auntie with her mini yellow tamtaro brolly!!
Vietnam Sept 2012 -047

Women can never say NO to shopping, though just buying a lantern under that drastic weather conditions.
Vietnam Sept 2012 -048

Vietnam Sept 2012 -051

Glad that we were stuck in the rain for awhile to see the everyone hiding in shelters and customers buying food and goods.

Then.... it was time to take our first sleeper-train ride together :D
Vietnam Sept 2012 -062



On to the most meaningful part of the trip, next!
25th-Sep-2012 12:00 am - what's ours, is mine

11th-Sep-2012 11:44 pm(no subject)

I'm a wreck. I no longer see any meaning in doing anything to better this life. it's all about myself now.. oh no, since when has it NOT been myself living this crazy burdened life?


Now I truly understand: 没有教不好的孩子,只有不会教的父母.


Why children actually suffers, due to negligent and ignorant parents. The parents are the 罪魁祸首!!!!!!

10th-Sep-2012 11:27 pm - Not FML, it's FthisL
It's just antagonizing for me that I'm thinking that all these can come to an end, with DEATH.

Stuck in an awkward position. 

Limited with dunno-which-is-viable options.

Surrounded by whys/whats/hows from the family.

Coupled with problems at work, heavy workload and persistent customers.

My brain is almost bursting.

Im starting to regret the fact that I'm more sensible than anyone in the family.

Regreting that I didn't go "haywire" in academics like my siblings.

Maybe if I didn't deal with all these initially and just leave it...

I'll give myself a better life, being at ease and happy-go-lucky.

I'm stuck at work, being at where I'm employed.

Im stuck with fucking annoying cases that's forever screwing my mind.

Im stuck with SOP that I got to follow though I know how to break the rules for the family.

Im basically stuck and everything just hangs halfway.

Heart sinks halfway, mind mentally disrupted, physically sick, emotionally-hell.

I can't express how I feel and I can't cry it out.

I hope it's all a dream when I wake up..

Though I know it's just wishful thinking.

Maybe when I wake up to another life, I'll be sucking a silver spoon. 

You don't have to understand anything, just be glad that you're not in my distorted, tattered and torn shoes.

Give thanks and. Be glad.
21st-Aug-2012 11:35 pm - 死穴


You know who you are. damn you tattletales who go around talking bad about ppl who actually cared about your presence (yes, presence only)! You should just go and eat shit, twist your husband's hands or whaateveridontcare. Just cuz I'm a haps person doesn't mean I need to invite you to my picnic.. Who the hell are you anyway? WHATTHEHECK these stupid people cracking my brains apart. My palms itching to punch them. Can't you wake up from your idea and go organise your own freaking gatherings? Simi sai. "bo jio bo jio" your head. Since when any of you jio anything anyway?? DAMNIT. JIO YOU, TAMADE never say thanks and just hit butt and go. Pay bills all siam. Meet at 230pm, still can say 230 @ Botanical Gardens meant the address???
Are you stupid or stupid-er?

Colleagues should just stay as colleagues.



Can NEVR EVER run away from those "seemingly-petite-and-kind-looking-owing-to-their-physique" people! 

I'm cursed by them.

They always appear to be kind on the outside and act yi ge ignorant (PUI!)


they rip you apart inside and kill you softly,

without anyone noticing.

Not even yourself.


Justwannaactyigeahlianandkaopehkaobu, justtomakemyselffeelbetter.
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